Complete Dentures

100% Monolithic, Perfect Fit
Our dentures are fully monolithic, offering up to eight times greater strength than traditionally fabricated dentures. For additional support, AvaMax with a titanium integrated core is also available. Our patented manufacturing process ensures that AvaDent dentures are nearly free of monomers and pre-shrunk prior to milling for optimal fit. This guarantees healthier dentures for your patients and greatly reduces the need for adjustment appointments, resulting in a more satisfying experience. Your patients will appreciate the comfortable fit and easy maintenance of our bacteria and stain-resistant dentures. Moreover, we maintain digital records of each patient’s dentures for speedy replacement if required.
Clinical Records Required

Immediate Dentures

Our monolithic immediate denture is designed to be easily adapted to the patient’s newly formed edentulous ridge. The increased strength of the AvaDent immediate denture greatly reduces the potential fracturing of the denture base during the healing phase and completely eliminates the possibility of tooth pop-offs. Best of all the esthetics are unmatched!
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Try-In Dentures

Wagner Try-In

The Wagner Try-In (WTI) is a marriage of conventional techniques with a digital process for dentists who are comfortable moving teeth.

Following the Wagner Try-In protocol, the clinician can deliver a final prosthesis in as little as three, 30-minute appointments. The WTI uses specially formulated wax that becomes soft when submerged in hot water (no flame required). This allows a clinician to move teeth and establish all correct settings before ordering the final AvaDent digital denture. The maxillary anterior teeth are individually printed and set in the special wax and the maxillary posterior teeth are stationary and used as bite stops. The mandibular anteriors are printed in a solid piece and set in the special wax to establish desired overbite/overjet.
Clinical Records Required

Bouma Try-In

The AvaDent Bouma Try-In (BTI) is our most popular try-in and can be printed or milled for higher accuracy and strength. It is a functional try-in that can be used to verify fit, phonetics and esthetics. The BTI can also function as a spare back-up denture for your patients.
Clinical Records Required
Bouma Try-In

Hybrid Try-In

Our hybrid try-in is an exact monolithic copy of what will be the final hybrid. It is ideal to verify function, occlusion, phonetics and esthetics. Modify the try-in by grinding or adding material if needed. It also shows the patient what the final esthetic result will be.
Clinical Records RequiredHybrid Protocols

Implant Secured Overdentures & Hybrids

AvaMax Overdentures

AvaMax dentures contain a titanium core that is fully integrated into the denture. This enables open palate design and added strength. AvaMax can be used as a denture, removable overdenture, or hybrid denture.
  • Improves strength and reduces fractures
  • Eliminates 98% of adjustment appointments
  • Less bulk & weight in the mouth
  • Pre-milled implant pockets save you time and preserve strength


AvaDent designs and manufactures overdentures for a variety of attachments and bars. AvaDent’s overdentures are the preferred choice by Key Opinion Leaders because of our unsurpassed denture strength. The monolithic design and patented XCL technology lends itself nicely to various types of implant-retained and implant supported dentures.
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Snap-Pin Dentures

The AvaDent Snap-Pin Bar construction provides your customers with the best of both worlds. They receive the stability of a fixed denture, mixed with an easy-to-maintain removable platform. This stress-free, low maintenance design assures your customers happiness and delivers an affordable alternative to a fixed denture solution.
Clinical Protocols Required

AvaMax Hybrid Dentures

with Titanium Integrated Core
Our AvaMax fixed hybrid prosthesis incorporates a unique titanium core combined with our patented PMMA monolithic manufacturing process for superior strength and durability. This results in complete mechanical retention of the titanium bar and the acrylic. Unlike conventional bar hybrids, the AvaMax framework is created digitally after the prosthetic is designed, thus optimizing the function of the prosthetic. AvaMax Hybrid Dentures are lightweight and more affordable than ceramic restorations. Our high-pressure monolithic process delivers a porosity-free and bacteria-resistant prosthetic. Because of the added strength, this product comes with a 5-year workmanship warranty.
  1. Printed Ti-bar improves strength and durability

  2. High-pressure acrylic is molded over the bar as one piece and penetrates the titanium core, thus eliminating potential delamination

  3. The final manufacturing step includes milling occlusion and implant connections simultaneously to ensure perfect occlusal alignment

Solid Bar Hybrid Dentures

Solid Bar Hybrid Dentures

Both Montreal and Wrap-Around solid bar hybrid dentures are manufactured with our monolithic denture. This produces the strongest solid bar hybrid dentures available. Wrap-around solid bar hybrids are ideal because the bar is encased in acrylic. However, a Montreal style is the alternative solution when limited vertical dimension does not allow the acrylic to fully wrap around the bar.

Our patented manufacturing process ensures that all AvaDent denture materials are nearly monomer free, and pre-shrunk prior to milling, which provides your patients with a healthier denture and eliminates nearly all your adjustment appointments. Your patients will love the fit and ease of maintenance of our bacteria/stain-resistant hybrid dentures. In addition, we keep digital records of each of your patients' dentures for rapid replacement.
Clinical Records Required

Additional Products

For Implant Supported Dentures

Bone Reduction Guide Dentures

Bone Reduction
Our Bone Reduction Guide Denture is a clear AvaDent base-plate surgically guided denture used to perform an alveoloplasty and tissue contouring during immediate and implant cases.

Bone Reduction Guide Dentures

Bone Reduction Guide
Our Bone Reduction Guide Denture is a clear AvaDent base-plate surgically guided denture used to perform an alveoloplasty and tissue contouring during immediate and implant cases.

Scanning Guide Dentures

Scanning Guide Denture
Our Scanning Guide Denture is clear radiopaque guide with fully milled dentition, an exact duplicate of the proposed final denture. To maximize the scanning effectiveness you can clearly differentiate the teeth from the soft tissue.

Conversion Dentures

Conversion Denture
Our Conversion Denture is a monolithic denture designed for guided surgery cases. The surgical guide is used to pre-mill holes in the denture based on implant position. Once the struts are cut away, it becomes the AvaDent Provisional Hybrid.


Surgical Guide
We offer surgical planning plus design and fabrication of surgical guides.
A surgical guide reduces the time to prepare the surgical site for a dental implant and reduces the probability of complications arising from the procedure and can help shorten recovery time.

Finishing Options

With AvaDent Dentures you have multiple finishing options. Provide AvaDent with your preferred options like: natural rugae, eminence intensity, stippling, engraving name, and many more. All finishing or denture preferences can be applied.

Color Guide & Tooth Mould Options

XCL-2  |  Polychromatic

AvaDent Extreme Cross-Linked Material
AvaDent Extreme Cross-Linked MaterialVita Classical

XCL-1  |  Monochromatic

AvaDent Extreme Cross-Linked Material
AvaDent Extreme Cross-Linked MaterialVita ClassicalRemark
BN00A1or Lighter
BN35A3.5or Darker
YW10B1or Lighter
YW20B2or Lighter
GY10C1or Lighter
GY20C2or Lighter
RD20D2or Darker
BL00Pure White


Shade guide available for XCL-1 shades


NextDent MFH Material
ShadesVita ClassicalRemark
BleachB1or Lighter

Milled Base
Shades Available

AvaDent Original
AvaDent Light
AvaDent Dark
Lucitone 199 Original
Lucitone 199 Light
Lucitone 199 Medium Dark
Lucitone 199 Dark Pink

Printed Base
Shades Available

TrueDent Original
TrueDent Light
TrueDent Dark
Printed shades are not exact matches
to milled shades

Printers & Resin

more products available at our online store
Visit our online store for more products. 

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Case Turn-Around Times (TAT)

Complete Dentures

Design: 1-2 business days to create a digital preview
Completion: 6 business days after approval of digital preview by the customer
TAT: 2 days design + 6 days fabrication + 2 days shipping = 10 days

Hybrids & Overdentures

Design: 1-2 business days to create a digital preview
Completion: 10 business days after approval of digital preview by the customer
TAT: 2 days design + 10 days fabrication + 2 days shipping = 14 days

Print Files

Design: 1-2 business days to create a digital preview
STL Print File: 1 business days after approval of digital preview by the customer
TAT: 2 days design + 1 day fabrication = 3 days

Shipping Policy

Standard: 2 business days with FedEx
Rush: 1-day services available on request

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