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AvaDent Workflow

Four Steps To Working With AvaDent

The great thing about creating an AvaDent Digital Denture is that you don’t need to change your normal workflow. Provide us with an accurate final impression and inter-occlusal record and we do the rest.


Digitize Your Records

AvaDent Is Available On 
These Scanner Portals

  • 3Shape
  • iTero
  • PrimeScan
  • Medit
  • Dexis
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Review & Approve
or Edit Design

You Deliver

  • Try-In
  • Final Denture
  • Immediate Denture
  • Over Denture


Receive & Deliver Prosthetic

  • Denture Fitting
  • Necessary Adjustments

You Deliver

  • Try-In
  • Final Denture
  • Immediate Denture
  • Over Denture
Capture the six (6) key measurements into the record.  Keep your current techniques or use one of the efficient AvaDent record protocols to create your digital denture.  All indications are possible.
AvaDent Scans Records

2.  Scan Records

Use your inter-oral or desktop scanner to scan the records then send them to us through AvaDent Dashboard.  Or you can send us your physical records and we will scan them for you.

3.  Review & Approve Design

We can customize your set-up requirements
based on your customers' needs. Review and
approve the design in AvaDent Dashboard. After
approval, we begin manufacturing.
AvaDent Manufacturing

4.  AvaDent Manufacturing

AvaDent has digital dental technicians that produce the digital denture for you in our state-of-the-art facility.
Finished by AvaDent

5.  Finished by AvaDent

Provide AvaDent with the personal finishing options and our dental technicians will ship the unique digital denture.
AvaDent Digital Denture

6.  AvaDent Digital Denture

Exceptional Fit. Up to 8 times stronger. Stays clean longer, less risk of black gingival margin. Digital backup ensures replacement denture within 48 hours and simplifies future follow-up orders.

6 Keys to a Successful
AvaDent Digital Denture

Being successful with AvaDent is mastering Record taking. Use Your Preferred Record Technique. Capture impressions, occlusal, and lip records depending on the type of case:
Click on the NUMBERS below to see the videos.
6 Keys

We Do It For You

Let the experts design and manufacture your dentures

Finishing Options

With AvaDent Dentures you have multiple finishing options. Provide AvaDent with your preferred options like: natural rugae, eminence intensity, stippling, engraving name, and many more. All finishing or denture preferences can be applied.

Color Guide Options

Click to Download PDF

XCL-1  |  Monochromatic

AvaDent Extreme Cross-Linked Material
AvaDent Extreme Cross-Linked MaterialVita ClassicalRemark
BN00A1or Lighter
BN35A3.5or Darker
YW10B1or Lighter
YW20B2or Lighter
GY10C1or Lighter
GY20C2or Lighter
RD20D2or Darker
BL00Pure White

XCL-2  |  Polychromatic

AvaDent Extreme Cross-Linked Material
AvaDent Extreme Cross-Linked MaterialVita Classical


Shade guide available for XCL-1 shades
Shade Guide


NextDent MFH Material
ShadesVita ClassicalRemark
BleachB1or Lighter

Scanning Options

Intraoral Scanning

Desktop Scanning

Manual Impressions

The 3 and 4 Appointment Denture Workflows

With either a reference denture or a Wagner Try-In (WTI) it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! AvaDent’s Denture Technique allows the clinician to produce a world-class denture in 3  or 4 short thirty minute appointments, zero adjustments, and 100% patient satisfaction!
1.  Reference Denture Technique (3 Visits)

Reference Protocol

Existing Denture
Dirty Dentures
Impression and Records
Reference Denture
Bouma Try-In
Bouma Try-In
Final Denture
Final Denture
2. Wagner Try-In Technique (3 Visits) - Combines record base and try-in

WTI Protocol

Intraoral Impression
Intraoral Impression
Wagner Try-In
Wagner Try-In
Final Denture
Final Denture
3. Traditional Record Base Technique (4 Visits)

Record Base Protocol

Intraoral Impression
Intraoral Impression
Base with Wax Rims
Base with Wax Rims
Bouma Try-In
Bouma Try-In
Final Denture
Final Denture
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