Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send my physical records?

AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions
15730 North 83rd Way, Ste 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Can you use my STL design file (ie. 3Shape, ExoCad) to fabricate a final denture?

We do accept STL scan files of impressions and reference dentures; then we will design the denture using our proprietary software. But we cannot make a denture from an STL design file created by a 3rd party.

Can you fabricate my existing denture into a final AvaDent?

Yes, however, it will never be an EXACT duplicate, but we do match very closely to the original denture. You can see the referenced denture in the Design phase when you review the setup.

Can I make a payment online?

AvaDent has launched a new payment system called PayFabric. Integrating the payment system into our platform, making it easier and simple for customers to pay their invoices. Please call customer support at 480-275-7144.

Do you provide me FREE shipping labels?

AvaDent does not provide free shipping labels. However, due to our high-volume contract with FedEx we can offer you lower pricing. You can order 2-day or Standard Overnight labels. Call or email our Customer Service team for additional questions.


What is the difference between XCL-1 and XCL-2?

Both dentures are monolithic (“one-piece”), fully-milled digital dentures. XCL stands for “eXtreme Cross Link”, which indicates that it is a very strong material.

The XCL-1 denture has monochromatic teeth (1-layer dentin base) and the XCL-2 has polychromatic teeth (1-layer dentin base + 1-layer enamel.)

What is a Bouma Try-In denture and a WTI denture?

Both products are try-in dentures.

A BTI stands for a Bouma Try-In created by Dr. Lars Bouma. The Bouma Try-In is a monolithic (“one-piece”) fully milled or printed Try-In made entirely out of the tooth color of your choosing from the available shade catalog in our system.

A WTI stands for a Wagner Try-In created by Dr. Stephen Wagner. The WTI is a printed Try-In denture base made entirely out of the tooth color of your choosing from the available shade catalog in our system. The teeth are printed individually for the maxillary anterior teeth and printed as a block of mandibular anterior teeth. The teeth are set in a special wax for easy manipulation and adjustment. The posteriors are printed or a block of wax rims, depending on your patient’s needs.

How do I order a remake of a denture with or without changes?

To order a remake please log-in to AvaDent Dashboard and select Orders. Search for the order of your patient by name or case number. Once you have the case pulled up you will see an option for “Place a Follow-Up Order” that is indicated by a “+” sign. Once you select this you will be prompted to choose 1 of 4 options for what kind of follow up order is needed for your patient’s treatment plan. Follow each prompt from top to bottom. What you select first affects what you can select next.

What if there are problems with the denture I received?

This depends on the nature of the problem. Contact Customer Service at, contact the clinical support team at or call us at 480-275-7144 to discuss the case.

What is your warranty policy?

An AvaDent denture has a 1-year warranty time frame. The Fixed Removable Hybrid with Integrated Printed Titanium Bar denture has a 5-year warranty time frame.

What records do I need to send?

In general, we will always need an accurate final impression showing these key factors: Midline, Centric Relation, Occlusal Vertical Dimension, Anterior Tooth Size, Lip Support, Incisal Edge Location. For a single arch we will also need an opposing record.  The denture will only be as good as the records received.

How long will my case take to complete?

Once we receive your records and all information is provided, we start the digital process. We will send you the digital set-up within 48 hours, depending on the time you have sent us the order and complete information. You will be asked to review the design and approve or request changes (if you selected that you wanted a preview). Once the Design setup is approved, or auto approved, it will take 5-7 business days to complete the manufacturing of your denture.

We then ship the case via FedEx with 2-Day shipping. Please note that if you do not approve the digital setup in a timely manner, the case will be on hold until you have approved the design. This might delay your case. If you need cases sooner than our time frame you will need to indicate it on the Rx, email us, or call us. AvaDent Dashboard will automatically UPDATE the Estimated Return Date once the Design is approved/auto approved.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling your patients.

What tooth molds are in your digital library?

We offer Dentsply Portrait, Ivoclar BlueLine (SR Vivodent DCL), Ivoclar IvoStar, Candular NFC+ Candulor TCR moulds.

How do I send digital files?

Once you submit an Rx through AvaDent Dashboard you will be prompted with a Notification for a Records Request. You will need to select the “Submit/Ship” option and upload your records. DO NOT write in the physical records section unless you plan on sending physical records, otherwise your case will be put on an unnecessary hold.

How can I send photos once I have already submitted an Rx on the AvaDent Dashboard?

If you were unable to upload photos during the Rx process you will need to email the photos to our customer service team at Please include the case number in the email.

How do I utilize the AvaDent Dashboard?

Contact our Customer Service team and they will show you how to navigate. Call 480-275-7144 or email us at 

Hours of Operation

We are in Scottsdale, Arizona and are available Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM MST.

How can I contact AvaDent?

There are several ways to contact AvaDent, depending on your needs.

For service support about shipping dates, billing, or general questions contact Customer Service at

For technical support about the AvaDent Dashboard record submission, order submission, and user account management contact our Lab Support team at

For clinical support about record-taking methods, design layout, or problems with the denture you received contact our Clinical team at

If you are unsure who to contact call us at 480-275-7144 and our Customer Service Team will assist and direct your call based on your needs.

How can I sign up to work with AvaDent?

Call or email us our Customer Service team will assist you or direct you to one of our Customer Care Representatives. 480-275-7144 or CLICK HERE to register

Can I request an earlier delivery date?

Yes! You can request delivery dates during the Rx submission process or email/call us to request earlier delivery dates. Depending on the type of case and our time frames there may be additional fees for expediting your case. Contact us at 480-275-7144 or

What are AvaDent prices?

Existing customers can request a price sheet via email or phone call, and we will send you the appropriate price sheet.  Email  or call us at 480-275-7144

If you are not a customer with AvaDent yet, contact us at 480-275-7144 and we will assist you with the price options depending on the program you decide to sign up for.

NextDent Questions?

If you cannot find what you need on our ONLINE STORE then you can contact us at OR call us at 480-275-7144. Our NextDent experts will be able to assist you with technical questions.

I forgot my AvaDent Dashboard password. How do I reset it?

On the log-in screen, you will see there is a Change Password and Forgot Password option. If you are unable to use either option you will need to contact us via email or phone to get the password reset or 480-275-7144

Where can I get an invoice?

Invoices are sent in each case shipment box or emailed depending on the type of case. You can obtain a copy of your invoices by signing up for PayFabric, our integrated payment system. You can also request to have your invoice emailed to you by calling or emailing Customer Service at or 480-275-7144

Do you have a shade conversion chart?

We have a tooth shade conversion guide below. All shade selections depend on the type of product you choose. The Dashboard will display all shade options you have. Bonded dentures have the most shade selection variety while the XCL-1 and XCL-2 have a considerable selection as well.

What is AvaDent Dashboard?

AvaDent Dashboard is our online service that connects you to your cases. You can preview case designs and approve them or tell us how you want them revised. You can manage orders, check due dates and communicate with AvaDent. You can even create and modify case designs through our Amazon Web Services connection. These services are available when you sign-up for an account with AvaDent.

Do you have traditional Rx forms?

Everything we do is done digitally within the AvaDent Dashboard.  If you would like an Rx form to print and fill out, please CLICK HERE.

How can I see the reference denture / records compared to the digital design?

1. In your preview screen, choose the Half Moon Symbol.
2. With the upper and/or lower setup marked “ON”, under “Reference”, choose “On” for either transparent view or visible view.

Tooth Shades Available

XCL-1  |  Monochromatic

AvaDent Extreme Cross-Linked Material
AvaDent Extreme Cross-Linked MaterialVita ClassicalRemark
BN00A1or Lighter
BN35A3.5or Darker
YW10B1or Lighter
YW20B2or Lighter
GY10C1or Lighter
GY20C2or Lighter
RD20D2or Darker
BL00Pure White

XCL-2  |  Polychromatic

AvaDent Extreme Cross-Linked Material
AvaDent Extreme Cross-Linked MaterialVita Classical

Shade Guide

Shade guide available for XCL-1 shades
Shade Guide


NextDent MFH Material
NextDent MFHVita ClassicalRemark
BleachB1or Lighter

Base Shades Available

AvaDent Original
AvaDent Light
AvaDent Dark
Lucitone 199 Original
Lucitone 199 Light
Lucitone 199 Dark Pink
PORTRAIT are trademarks of Dentsply-Sirona Inc.
CANDULOR is a trademark of Candulor AG Corp. Switzerland
IVOSTAR, VIVODENT are trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.
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