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AvaDent Dashboard


AvaDent Dashboard is our online service that connects you to your cases. You can preview case designs and approve them or tell us how you want them revised. You can manage orders, check due dates and communicate with AvaDent. These services are available when you sign-up for an account with AvaDent.
Fulfill order entry for your cases
Access order overview for all your cases
Customize your design setup
Use the 3D Preview Tool to review and approve your design
How to Use 3D Preview Tool
AvaDent Cloud

AvaDent Cloud - Connect

The powerful and smart AvaDent Cloud – Connect design software is now available in the cloud. It allows you to fully individualize each denture and ensure that all teeth in the setup remain in ideal occlusion.

You are not limited to tooth manufacturers, standard occlusal schemes or shape of teeth, thanks to the scaling functions of Signature Teeth.

AvaDent Cloud Features

  • Fulfill order entry for your cases
  • Access order overview of all your cases
  • Use the 3D Preview Tool to review your design
  • FREE to use
  • Customize your design setup with AvaDent design control functions
  • Get partner pricing on your AvaDent products.
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