What is an AvaMax Denture?

AvaMax™ is a revolutionary dental process that combines the strength of titanium with the durability of high-density, cross-linked acrylic to create a lightweight yet robust dental prosthesis. The custom 3D-printed titanium core enhances the strength of the prosthetic and provides resistance to fractures, a common issue with conventional acrylic prosthetics. The precise integration of the core within the acrylic milling disc guarantees a perfect fit for each patient and enables AvaDent to reduce the thickness of the denture.

Patient Benefit of AvaMax

  • Virtually unbreakable
  • The thinner denture base improves speech and reduces gagging by creating more room for the tongue and provides a more natural appearance

  • Each prosthesis undergoes digital scanning with special software to ensure accuracy, comfort, and fit

AvaMax technology is available in three types of prostheses

AvaMax is Currently Under Limited Release

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Complete Denture

AvaDent dentures are up to 8 times stronger than conventional dentures. But in certain patent circumstances, an AvaMax reinforced denture may be indicated.


The AvaMax design for overdentures include a titanium “basket” over each implant pocket. This helps to disperse the biting forces across the appliance. We pre-mill the implant pockets to preserve strength and save you valuable chair time.

Hybrid Denture

Conventional hybrids are made in two pieces, risking fractures and staining. AvaMax hybrids are one piece, integrating titanium core and acrylic digitally to prevent separation, creating a durable and stain-resistant solution.
Clinical Records Required

Complete Dentures

Clinical Record Procedures

  1. Establish VDO (vertical dimension of occlusion)
  2. Make a wash impression, if needed (use tray adhesive)
  3. Re-insert the denture and re-verify midline, incisal edge, VDO, lip support, aesthetics, and bite.
  4. Make bite registration

Records Required

A. If creating digital scan files

  1. Cameo and Intaglio of each arch
  2. Bite registration
  3. If single arch: Opposing dentition

B. If sending physical records

  1. Reference record, ie., try-in or existing/duplicate denture or bite rim
  2. Bite registration
  3. If single arch: Opposing dentition
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