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  • What is an AvaMax Denture?

    AvaMax™ is a revolutionary dental process that combines the strength of titanium with the durability of high-density, cross-linked acrylic to create a lightweight yet robust dental prosthesis. 

What's In It For You & Your Patients?

Benefits to Your Practice
  • Easy to get started - use your same clinical procedures
  • Predictable results achieved by AvaDent's Adaptive Occlusion
  • Precisely fitting dentures nearly eliminates all adjustments
  • Monolithic denture design is 8X stronger without pop-offs
  • Stored digital file for easy denture replacement
Benefits to Your Patients
  • Lightweight comfortable fitting denture
  • Fewer dental appointments
  • Monolithic denture design is 8X stronger without pop-offs
  • Bacteria-resistant which reduces denture odor
  • Stored digital file for easy denture replacement

How It's Done

We Offer Complete Flexibility
1. Make Records


Use your conventional or digital technique. We just need accurate records.
2. Digitize Records


You can scan your records and send us your files, or you can send us your physical records and we can scan them for you.
3. Submit Digital Rx


Log in to the AvaDent dashboard to select products, place order and submit your clinical records.
4. Design


We do it all for you and we give you access to the most advanced removable design software in dentistry.
5. Production


We can send you an STL file to print or mill your try-in or we can make it for you. All final products are milled by AvaDent.
6. Finishing


Provide us with your preferences and we finish accordingly. We scan 100% of our products and measure the results against the original design file so you can be assured of a precision fit.

What We Do

AvaDent designs and manufactures the world's best digital dentures, overdentures, and hybrid dentures
Complete Denture
AvaDent Overdenture
AvaMax Overdenture
AvaMax Hybrid
AvaMax Hybrid
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Why We Are Better

Our Proprietary Software, Patented Materials & AI Design
Superior Materials


AvaDent's patented puck manufacturing increases the density of our pucks making them virtually 100% porous free. A porosity free puck reduces bacteria buildup and the staining that comes with traditional dentures.
  • Bio-hygienic feature reduces denture breath
  • Processed under high pressure, the homogenous puck is fracture resistant
  • No post-processing distortion, unlike 3D printed and conventional dentures
  • It's virtually monomer free for patient safety
Patented Monolithic Denture Design
Half Puck


Our monolithic dentures are milled entirely from a one-piece puck made from our patented cross-link manufacturing process There are no limitations on who you can treat, CLASS 1, 2, or 3 patients. Bonding of teeth is no longer required, pop-off’s are a thing of the past.
  • More comfort due to seamless teeth-denture transition
  • Up to 8x stronger
  • Better wear resistance
  • Eliminates bacterial ingress at the gingival margin
  • Reduced staining and denture breath

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What Doctors Say...

  • When I started using AvaDent I compared traditionally designed dentures with AvaDent dentures on the same patients. They are all now wearing AvaDent dentures because of the comfort and fit.
    Ronnie Schnell

    Ronni Schnell, DMD, MAGD

    I’ve been making dentures for over 50 years, so when I say the three appointment denture has changed the way I practice, that statement has weight. These dentures are highly esthetic, fracture resistant and extremely functional. I’ve eliminated my adjustment appointments altogether and my patients are happy! It’s a winner!
    Steve Wagner

    Steve Wagner DDS FACP

    I love AvaDent’s monolithic denture because it’s stronger, less porous and fits with very few adjustments. This reduces my chair time and increases my patient satisfaction.
    What more could you ask for?
    Ingeborg De Kok

    Ingeborg J. De Kok, DDS, MS

  • AvaDent’s monolithic design delivers on the promise of superior strength! We don’t get pop-offs or fractures even with our over-denture cases. My patients love the precision fit of a digitally designed denture.
    Wendy Clark

    Wendy Auclair Clark, DDS, MS

    Just like my practice, the entire digital denture industry began with AvaDent. While both the technology and the techniques are ever-advancing, AvaDent remains at the leading edge, consistently bringing the best of the digital dental age to our reality.
    Dr Andrew C Johnson

    Dr. Andrew C. Johnson

    The patients that come to my practice expect the best possible outcomes. Seeing the failures that happen from traditional fixed complete dentures, I switched to the AvaDent Monolithic process. I am able to make any changes I want to the design, enabling me to please the most demanding patient. 
    Josh Renk

    Dr. Josh Renk

  • The AvaDent Snap-Pin is my favorite bar overdenture design option. The long term stability of the prosthesis is excellent with the intimate fit of the primary and secondary bars, and retention can be easily adjusted with the pins if needed. My patients have been extremely satisfied and I would highly recommend the Snap-Pin prosthesis from AvaDent.
    Thomas Matthes

    Dr. Thomas M. Matthes

    Los Angeles is a very competitive market and in the past year my All-on-X practice has grown by 700% through the implementation of these services. The video content they created for me was superb and has been a key element to converting more patients. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to grow their implant or full-arch cases!
    Sean Ebrahimian

    Dr. Sean Ebrahimian

    The AvaDent screw retained AccelerSet prosthesis is the ULTIMATE in implant restorations. It is all robotically processed using three different robots and three different materials: Milled titanium framework, individually milled zirconium crowns (providing ideal light transmission) and a milled monolithic PMMA gingival veneer.​
    Tom Balshi

    Dr. Tom Balshi

Dr. Tom Girvan
Appointment with  Dr. Girvan
Dr. Steven Wagner
Appointment with  Dr. Wagner
Dr. Chris Minke
Appointment with  Dr. Minke

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