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AvaDent Wagner EZ Guide Protocol

The AvaDent / Wagner EZ Guide protocol is designed to allow the clinician to produce high-quality AvaDent digital dentures in just 3, 30 minutes appointments. The technique can also be used as the basis for implant-based prostheses and can be the foundation for more sophisticated tissue-based removable prostheses as well.

Appointment 1

1.  Final Impressions
2. Papillameter Measurement
3. Tooth Mould Selection

Appointment 2

1. Seat Try-In
2. Evaluate & Refine Tooth Position
3. Capture Interocclusal Record
4. Patient Approval

Appointment 3

Delivering Final Dentures in 30 minutes.

Appointment 1

Phase 1 - final impressions

Although any impression technique is accepted for final impression making, we recommend the following technique using Wagner impression trays and/or the materials of your choice.

Dentsply’s Aquasil Ultra + Fast Set impression material is demonstrated here. Aquasil Ultra + Fast Set Heavy is used for border moulding and Aquasil Ultra + Fast Set LV is used for the final impression.

1.0 Heat The Trays

Heat the Trays

Heat the maxillary impression tray in 160º F (70ºC) water for 1 minute. For details see the videos on bigjawbone.com.

Repeat for the mandibular ridge.

1.1 Shape The Trays

Shape The Trays

Place the tray in the patient’s mouth and shape the tray to the patient’s palate and alveolar ridge using border moulding motions. Again, for details, see the video on bigjawbone.com.

Repeat for the mandibular ridge.

1.2 Evaluate & Modify The Trays

Evaluate & Modify The Trays

Trim the tray with scissors or add material that is provided with each tray. The tray can be stretched. You can perforate the tray for an open tray implant impression if required. Apply tray adhesive to the trays.

1.3 Border Mould The Trays

Border Mould The Trays

Border mould the trays. For details see the videos on bigjawbone.com. Repeat for the mandibular ridge

1.4 Create Relief

Create Relief

If the tray is seen in the impression, adjust it with a carbide bur.

1.5 Make Final Impressions

Make Final Impressions

Perform a wash impression technique.


2.0 Papillameter Measurement

Papillameter Measurement

The incisive papilla is an important anatomic landmark when determining the position of the maxillary central incisor.

2.1 Set The Papillameter

Set The Papillameter

The papillameter is placed on the anterior alveolar ridge centering the incisive papilla in the middle of the instrument.

2.2 Ask The Patient to Relax Their Upper Lip.

Ask the Patient to Relax Their Upper Lip

Record the length of the upper lip in mm.

2.3 Ask the Patient to Smile

Ask the Patient to Smile

Record the high smile line in mm.

2.4 Record the Max Dimensions of the ALA

2.5 Record the Interpupillary Dimension


Select the tooth mould and shade your choice. We offer Dentsply Portrait, Ivoclar BlueLine (SR Vivodent DCL), Ivoclar IvoStar, Candular NFC+ Candulor TCR moulds.

Appointment 2

2.1 Seat The Try-In

Seat The Try-In

Adjust the bases if necessary. Check the orientation of the horizontal occlusal plane. Check the midline. Adjust the midline if necessary.

2.2 Evaluate Tooth Position

Evaluate Tooth Position

Evaluate the length and position of the central incisors. Adjust if necessary.  Create a natural smile by moving the anterior teeth.

2.3 Record OVD &
Centric Relation

Record OVD and Centric Relation

Determine the occlusal vertical dimension and record centric relation. Adjust if necessary. Position the lower anterior teeth into their proper position.

2.4 Obtain The Patients'
Approval For Esthetics

Obtain the Patients' Approval For Esthetics

After obtaining the patient's approval, make an interocclusal record with PVS and send the Wagner Try-In to AvaDent.

Appointment 3

Delivering The Final Dentures in 30min or Less

AQUASIL and PORTRAIT are trademarks of Dentsply-Sirona.
CANDULOR is a trademark of Candulor AG Corp. Switzerland.
IVOSTAR, VIVODENT are trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.
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