Record Methods

Be innovative without changes and choose your own bite registration method. Everything is possible as long as it meets the 6 values for a successful AvaDent digital denture.

6 Keys to A Successful AvaDent Digital Denture

The great thing about creating an AvaDent Digital Denture is that the clinician doesn’ t need to change their normal workflow. First and foremost accurate final impressions must be made. Second, the clinician has many techniques available to make an accurate inter-occlusal record. To ensure a successful AvaDent Digital Denture, the accurate record must communicate 6 key factors.
Centric Relation
OVD (Occlusal Vertical Dimension)
Anterior Tooth Size
Lip Support
Incisal Edge Location

AvaDent Digital Records

With the precision fit assured, the Clinician will also benefit from the unique and all-important AvaDent digital record which allows the Clinician to offer patients a degree of convenience and security never before possible. If an AvaDent is broken or lost, an identical AvaDent can be fabricated with no additional record-taking appointment.

The AvaDent digital record also allows the Clinician, for the first time, to create a removable “treatment plan” that offers patients the promise of uncompromised quality and ongoing oral care, while increasing patient retention.

Exceptional Fit & Esthetics

That treatment plan can start by offering patients an AvaDent with exceptional fit and esthetics, to an implant retained AvaDent for greater function and stability, to a host of future products and services made possible only because the AvaDent digital record is able to transform a non-repeatable, removable procedure into a consistent, economical, convenient, repeatable and predictable process.

AvaDent is manufactured in the USA.
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