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Immediate DentureImmediate Denture

AvaMax Dentures

Clinical Record Procedures

  • Establish VDO (vertical dimension of occlusion)
  • Make a wash impression, if needed (use tray adhesive)
  • Re-insert the denture and re-verify midline, incisal edge, VDO, lip support, aesthetics, and bite.
  • Make bite registration

Records Required

A. If creating digital scan files

  • Cameo and Intaglio of each arch
  • Bite registration
  • If single arch: Opposing dentition

B. If sending physical record

  • Reference record, ie., try-in or existing/duplicate denture or bite rim
  • Bite registration
  • If single arch: Opposing dentition

If the customer provides a wax rim bite with markings, then you can skip the papillometer readings

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