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Let AvaDent Digital Dentures transform your Lab with its fully digital removable workflow and superior digital dental solutions. AvaDent will help you grow your business with premium product offerings and greater efficiencies – with no capital investment.

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AvaDent Digital Dentures brings digital dentistry to your practice. AvaDent will reduce your chair time, reduce your processing time, and help you give your patients the best denture product available on the market.



AvaDent Digital Dentures has raised the standard of care for denture wearers. AvaDent digital dental solutions offer your patients precision fit, comfort, and premium materials, while reducing your chair time and providing you a permanent digital record for patient security and retention.



If you suffer from loose fitting dentures, or are experiencing sores or embarrassing denture breath, ask your Doctor for AvaDent Digital Dentures. AvaDent dentures fit perfectly and look natural, and can be delivered in as few as 2 appointments! If your AvaDent ever lost or damaged, it can be replaced within days!

Computer Precision Fit

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) along with CAD/CAM technologies, drives the process of creating a digitally designed and milled custom denture that fits perfectly.

What is AvaDent?

What does it mean to have an AvaDent Digital Denture?

Newest Developments in Dentures Today

Everyone has heard about George Washington’s wooden denture. We have come a long way since then, but do you know how far?

AvaDent launches the world’s first one-piece denture

AvaDent Digital Dentures were showcased at the March 2015 International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany, announcing to the world that a denture can now be made as a single piece, for greater strength, function and natural look. You can be the first in the world to experience this groundbreaking product!