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AvaDent digital dentures are simply the best. University studies prove that our digital dentures fit better than conventional dentures. This means more comfort for you and better chewing ability. Additionally, AvaDent dentures look like natural teeth!

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If your dentist does not want to provide an AvaDent denture, please contact us and we will do our best to find a dentist who offers AvaDent dentures near you


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Why AvaDent?

Better Fit Dentures

Better Fit

Our digital technologies are unique to AvaDent thanks to our 80+ patents. We pioneered digital dentures and use our 80 billion AI data points to make dentures fit perfectly. This means you have better chewing abilities and less worry about your dentures slipping in your mouth.
Stronger Dentures


Conventional dentures are made from pre-manufactured denture teeth that are bonded into a pink denture base. The only strength comes from the thin denture base. AvaDent dentures are made in one piece. So the teeth and the base combined form a very strong denture. So you don’t need to worry about breakage or teeth popping out of the denture when eating your favorite foods.
Natural Looking Dentures

Natural Looking

AvaDent dentures look like natural teeth because the teeth can be made in multiple layers of color and translucency. No one will know your secret when you are wearing an AvaDent denture.