100% Digital Workflow

Less Appointments, Lower Costs, More Procedures, More Profits!
Performing AllonX cases can be intimidating, frustrating, time consuming, and in many cases, quite costly. Currently, this procedure requires a level of expertise that eliminates 90% of the dental community from offering AllonX.

Everyone has experienced one or more of these problems; multiple patient visits, hours of chair time, expensivec onsite lab technicians, too many try-ins, temps breaking, and high prosthetic costs.

It’s simply not a repeatable process and the stress of all of this will eat away at you and your patients.


  • Reduce chair time and patient visits
  • Increase case acceptance and patient satisfaction
  • Eliminate on-site lab technicians and denture conversions
  • Make try-in breakage a thing of the past

We can help!

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